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A personal statement literally describes an essay or any other statement in written form which is formed by the applicant, who is applying for an admission to any university, college, or even graduate school. It gives details of what your educational background is, what your current areas of interest are, degrees or subjects which you are applying to major in along with future prospects, inclinations, ambitions and determinations.

You are evaluated on your written tests of the level of potential within you and as to how you could bring value to your desired institution besides your host country through your education and this is where our expertise will be of immeasurable benefit to you.


A good personal statement must contain honest and relevant data about yourself, in depth-explaining about your interests, which helps the selection panel of university admissions finalize your application. The more goal-oriented and focused an individual perceives themselves to be, the higher are their chances for selection into their desired institute. Impressing tutors with a powerful personal statement cannot only decide the approval of your admission application, but can also carve future pathways for professional success and goal attainment.

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How to Write a Good Personal Statement?

Since you need to write 4000 characters, then you should own the right skills. As a tip, you should look at good personal statement examples before you start writing your personal piece to know what is expected of you. Buckle up as we share with you 10 additional tips that will make you stand out without leaving out any important information.

Be relaxed and take your time

We understand that writing an exceptional personal statement is a major concern, and you might be tensed and not sure where to start. Also, be cognizant that when you are tensed or anxious, words tend to flow away, and you are left blank with nothing to write.

Write without the character counter

4,000 characters may be a lot, but imagine having 3,200 words, and you get the urge that you have not gone halfway to completing your personal statement. It will surely make you panic. So, write as much as 6,000 words without examining the 4,000 characters limit, then as soon as you are done, start deleting the extra words. It will be easier to delete than to put in words in your statement because you will have written down all the personal information you needed.

Emphasize your strengths

Now is your prospect to shine and prove to the recipient how much you need a place in their institution or organization. You can imagine yourself as a product that really needs praise in the marketplace to be sold.

Do not copy from other personal statements

Your paper should be unique and should not be copied from any other person. If you give out false information or if your paper will match with another, you will be disqualified. Believe in what you are selling and do not think of others, and how well they may write. If you are stuck, we can offer our services to help you avoid being disqualified.


We guarantee to help secure admissions in your desired universities, colleges or undergraduate schools, which will ultimately lead you towards a safeguarded and prosperous future, higher value in the job market and a better lifestyle all in all.

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